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Svaroopa Yoga with Bhavani


Svaroopa® yoga offers a significantly different paradigm in yoga poses. Our practice is both physical and more than physical.

We specialize in the inner opening. Svaroopa® yoga poses release the tensions in the deepest layers of your body – the layers of muscles wrapped around your spine.

This opens up conscious access to the ever–expanding inner realms of your own being. Rather than using hatha yoga as a sophisticated form of exercise, Svaroopa® yoga pursues the understanding of the deeper purposes of yoga: the understanding of your own essential nature.

Yoga Journal says, “This style of yoga teaches different ways of doing familiar poses, emphasizing the opening of the spine by beginning at the tailbone and progressing through each spinal area. Every pose integrates the foundational principles of asana, anatomy, and yoga philosophy, and emphasizes the development of transcendent inner experience, which is called svaroopa by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra. This is a consciousness-oriented yoga that also promotes healing and transformation.”